Canned Meat Magic!

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January 28, 2013 by Edacious - Food Talk for Gluttons

Kiddos, there was actually a time in the distant past when canned meat was considered an innovation. And this hilarious collection of recipes presented by the American Can Company celebrates that.

Recipes Bacon-Frankfurter Surprise, Broiled Luncheon Meat Dinner, Vienna Sausage Creole, Liver Loaf Italian, Ox Joints, Canned Tripe with Onions, and my personal favorite, Canned Tongue with Fruit Sauce.

All the meat is canned so you know it’s fresh ;) So whether you need a Party Ham Salad with lemon flavored gelatin for your next picnic, or you’re going “healthy” with a Tomato Surprise Salad (pssst, the surprise is deviled ham!) Canned Meat Magic will help you be the David Copperfield of Spam in your own kitchen! Abracadabra!

23 pages; 9 x 6 inches; 1950’s (I’m guessing).

Condition: Good. Slight wear, light staining, a pencil mark on the cover. Small tear on front cover. $7.50 at edacious on Etsy. – SOLD!

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