Entertaining for Six or Eight.

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August 8, 2013 by Edacious - Food Talk for Gluttons

Well, my Momma would’ve LOVED this one. Complete, fabulous menus all laid out for your entertaining needs. Everything’s here so all you have to do is flit around the room refilling everyone’s punch in your pearls and Edith Head one-of-a-kind frock. Although the day I serve Turkey a la King and Individual Baked Alaskas to my guests you’ll KNOW I’m ready for the home. I have to admit, the recipes for punch look pretty freaking fabulous.

There’s even recipes in here for how to throw a perfect High Tea in case you’re expecting the Queen anytime soon. Or a nice Tiki-themed buffet for your Hawaiian Luau.

Sections include: Luncheons, Dinner Parties, Party Beverages, Teas, Dinners, Buffets, The Cocktail Party, Snacks

Remember when Betty Draper had her Heineken-themed shindig on Mad Men? I bet she used this book! Recipes include: Sherry Elegance, Creamed Crabmeat and Mushrooms in Croustades, Ambrosia Cakes, Sparkling Pineapple Float, Steak a la Diane, and Molded Pickle Salad…YUM! ;)

Be the hostess with the most-est. Presented by the fine folks at the Culinary Arts Institute.

68 pages; 6 x 8.5 inches; 1956 (1973 reprint).

Condition: Very Good. Slight wear, a few pencil marks.

$12.00 at edacious on Etsy. Free shipping!

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