The Casserole Cookbook.

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August 9, 2013 by Edacious - Food Talk for Gluttons

Is your idea of cooking throwing a bunch of leftovers in a pot and dumping in a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup? Then The Casserole Cookbook is for you!

Lots of classic recipes here for yummy dinner casseroles. Although if my Momma had served me Tongue and Greens as a kid I would’ve run screaming from the building. Heart with Apple-Raisin Stuffing? Not so much.

I counted at least 20 recipes for macaroni and cheese alone! And lots of dinners involving baked beans. And organ meats (hence the heart and stuffing). There are sections with eggs, vegetables, frankfurters, seafood, and desserts, although they do go off topic just a tad. Not sure chocolate soufflé ranks as a casserole, but I suppose Campbell’s doesn’t make chocolate soup do they?

Sections include: Main Dish, Vegetables, Desserts, and even Freezer Casseroles as well as helpful sections on How to Cook Vegetables, and It’s Smart to be Careful. Yep, be careful opening that can so you can get back to your stories….it’s 1954 after all. Loaded with cutesy food-related doodles as well. My favorite? The Peach Queen! (see below)

68 pages; 6 x 8.5 inches; 1954 (1965 reprint).

Condition: Good. Some wear on spine, cover slightly faded, pencil marks on inside front.

$10.00 at edacious on Etsy.

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