The Cookie Book.


November 13, 2013 by Edacious - Food Talk for Gluttons

From Ruth Berolzheimer, the Director of the Culinary Arts Institute comes a fabulous collection of 250 cookie recipes to please every palate. And seriously, who doesn’t love cookies? I love this book because it goes way beyond chocolate chip to bring you everything from Honey Hermits, to Coconut Orange Jumbles to Fudge Four O’Clocks which sounds like something a “4:20” enthusiast would dream up, but who am I to judge ;)

Whether you love fruit creams, classic brownies, cocoroons or moon beam kisses this cookbook is for the cookie lover at heart. And while it’s lacking in Technicolor glamour, there are some really cute illustrations of roly-poly chefs making cookies, dancing with elves, and kissing.

Everything sounds tasty, although I think I’ll pass on something called “Raisin Rocks”. I’d like to keep the teeth I have, thanks.

There are tips for refrigerator cookies, drop cookies, holiday cookies, and bars and squares. Planning a Mad-Men-themed Christmas get together? You need this book! Number 17 in the 24-volume collection from the Culinary Institute’s Encyclopedia of Cooking.

Sections include: Rolled Cookies, Filled Cookies, Molded Cookies, Refrigerator Cookies, Drop Cookies, Cookie Bars, Curled Wafers, Macaroons, Meringues, and Kisses, and Christmas Cookies

Branch out from your usual chocolate chip! Pull out that mid-century cookie tree you bought on eBay last year and fill ‘er up with cookie delights!

48 pages; 6 x 8.5 inches; 1955.

Condition: Good. Slight spine wear, fold on the back top corner.

$10 at edacious on Etsy.

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2 thoughts on “The Cookie Book.

  1. Daisy Bell says:

    Aw, my mom had this book and made a lot of cookies from it over the years. :-)

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